About us

Sunrise Trade SA is a petroleum trading company based in Geneve, Switzerland. We transact crude oil, refined petroleum products, and petrochemicals. Our trading operations are based on sound business strategy, global as well as local market insights, and supply chain optimization.

We build strategic partnerships across the globe, with Europe remaining our primary focus. Our senior management team consists of people with extensive experience in the field of petroleum trading, banking and finance, and intermodal logistics.

Trading forms the core of our business. We possess a distinctive, well-established network of connections with some of the leading European crude oil refineries. Our market expertise in trading with petroleum products enabled us to establish our firm presence in Europe while at the same time trading globally across Russia and the CIS, China, the Middle East, and Asia.

Crude oil

Crude oil - Various types of crude oil as the primary source of coomodities for refineries

Fuel oil

Raw material for processing, component for mixing


Diesel - Euro 5 for diesel engines


Gasoil - Stright-run gasoil as a raw material for processing

Environmental protection

All of our traded products are produced in strict accordance with the latest European laws governing the oil and gas industry. We actively promote environmental awareness and protection throughout the entire spectrum of our company’s operations. Whether we store, transport or deliver products by sea, rail or trucks, we dedicate resources to ensure strict compliance with all of the rules relating to environmental protection.

Our Partners